donderdag 22 augustus 2013

The bidding paradox: why economists, consultants and politicians disagree on the economic effects of mega sports events but might agree on their attractiveness

Net verschenen een discussie paper (geschreven samen met Marcel van den Berg) over de economie van het bieden op mega sport evenementen. En inderdaad het paper in deze post is sterk gerelateerd aan het paper in de post hieronder.

Hieronder de samenvatting. Het hele paper leest u hier.
The ambition to host mega sports events is (or can be) perfectly justifiable with various arguments. The most persistently used argument is the supposed financial or direct economic gain for the host economy, of which the compelling body of evidence is discouraging. This implies that the justification for hosting should come from a different, broader economic angle. This paper provides a critical discussion of the myriad of economic and frequently intangible effects that could be put forward in the public debate preceding the submission of a bid. Paradoxically, most of these effects are not, or infrequently employed in public debates.

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